Who cares about the funding of care?

The latest CQC report ‘The state of health care and adult social care in England 2016/17’ paints a picture of over-stretched services where pressures are being felt at a local level and to different degrees. Early on the report highlights that “The future of care for older people and the adult care system is one of the greatest unresolved public policy issues of our time.”

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Helping Councils manage Homecare Provider invoicing to save time and money

The sustainability of the care sector is constantly being challenged with everyone involved in homecare feeling the financial pressure.  The cash injection announced in the Spring budget was seen by many as a short term fix, with a longer term strategy desperately required to meet the increasing need, demand and costs. The Government's adult social care consultation is due to be issued this winter but nothing short of a magic wand is likely to provide the answer to this problem.

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The patient’s view of tech for self-management and prevention

Dr Brian Wood recognises he is not your average homecare Service User. But at 82, the bio-chemist has had two major surgical procedures in the last few years. Complications during recovery led him to be identified for a community trial of CM2000’s ARMED in conjunction with East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership.  Read more