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Delivering quality, efficiencies and innovation across the health and social care spectrum

CM2000 has a long association with the monitoring of older adult social care, however since 2012 our solutions have covered wider care management issues and are rapidly being adopted across many types of care services. Our solutions are joining up all stakeholders across local government, the NHS, private and third sector care Providers, national care inspectorates, and the Service User and their family.

It’s certainly true that we’ve been in the market a long time, but many don’t realise that our technology is being used across disability services, children’s services, residential and day care services as well as community health. We also offer a wealth of solutions from prevention and market management, to tools that encourage feedback and information sharing.

The quality and efficiency benefits of our original visit monitoring software have been proven time and time again. Some recent analysis highlighted that savings achieved by Councils using CallConfirmLive!, with our unique Finance Manager arbitration tool, were on average 26% per annum compared to commissioned costs (based on a sample of 14 Councils). With the well-publicised pressure on Council budgets these kinds of savings help sustain services.

Gloucestershire County Council’s disability services are now delivering cashable savings of up to £1 million per year thanks to CallConfirmLive!. That’s especially significant when you consider that for the first time, financial pressures due to increasing care needs of younger adults with disabilities or mental health problems are greater than those due to supporting older people (source: 2017 ADASS Budget Survey). In Gloucestershire it wasn’t just about saving money. Cabinet Member for Long-term Care, Cllr Kathy Williams, validated their decision: “Our top priority has always been to make sure vulnerable people across the county receive the care they need. The technology we have used has helped us ensure that care is being met.”

Monitoring data can fulfil a wide range of purposes. Oxfordshire County Council Children and Families Care Service use CallConfirmLive! for programming home care and relief to care visits for 144 children and their families. They use the system to track staff hours and for payroll calculations. Community based staff use their mobile phones to tag in and out of visits. This feeds into a bespoke report that calculates both the total hours of visits for individual staff and the specific Oxfordshire pay rate this needs to be assigned to. This has streamlined the payroll calculation process.

Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership are a great example of how CallConfirmLive! can add value in a number of different settings. In addition to their in-house service and externally delivered homecare, CallConfirmLive! is also used to record day care attendance and time spent on transport to day care facilities. Monitoring journey times allows Inverclyde HSCP to ensure Service Users aren’t on the bus for too long. The information from CallConfirmLive! has helped improve the efficiency of routes. It also confirms the Service User is home safely. Having all this data helps Inverclyde HSCP build a picture of the overall care package and the true cost of care.

Sandwell Community Care Trust (SCCT) initially came across CallConfirmLive! when they were seeking ways of automating their payroll and ensuring it accurately reflected care services delivered. Over 10 years later, the system is still invaluable and now also provides a wide range of management information and performance data across residential units, supported living and day care. The management information available to SCCT on a unit and organisational level has been extremely empowering. With 60 different locations to manage, they now receive regular reports on hours delivered and can drill down if they want details. They love the transparency this brings and think it’s a great tool for sharing information with Service Users’ families.

When Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) decided to transform their end-of-life (EOL) care, they knew that technology could drive the service redesign. They needed to ensure staff spent maximum time with Patients and minimum time on travel / back-office tasks. They required a solution that could schedule visits, manage staff availability, minimise travel between visits, and ensure staff were effectively utilised. As HHFT’s colleagues in Hampshire County Council were using CallConfirmLive! across older adults and supported living Clients it made sense to use the same tried-and-tested solution. Implementing CallConfirmLive! has allowed HHFT to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Collecting real-time data from care delivery, whatever the setting, means you have access to huge amounts of management information. CM2000’s business intelligence and analytics tool, CMBI, gives the ability to report on everything from a single Service User journey to full service performance. This insight is helping Councils remodel services by looking at indicators such as demand V capacity.

CM2000 are also helping Councils join the dots by bringing together a wide range of data to help with quality feedback, market management and prevention.

In Gloucestershire they’re benefiting from regular feedback from Service Users and their full circle of support using Quality Compass. The tool captures and analyses a wide range of opinions from those who know a Service User best. This helps drive up quality, ensure safer services and informs commissioning decisions.

CM2000 are working with the East Region of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and a number of London Boroughs to revolutionise Provider assessment and market management. PAMMS (Provider Assessment and Market Management Solution) facilitates standard data collection and quality benchmarking, resulting in more effective market oversight and reducing the risk of Provider failure.

It’s well documented that prevention is essential for the sustainability of the health and social care system. CM2000’s Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection (ARMED) combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling, innovative wearable technology and health and social care data to identify risks, particularly risk of falling, earlier in the care cycle. ARMED has already achieved some exciting results in Health & Social Care Partnerships and Housing Associations in Scotland and the opportunities to support self-management and early intervention in the home are tremendous.

As we’re such a familiar name in the care sector it’s easy for people to think they know what we do, however I hope this brief insight shows there’s much more to us than meets the eye.



Written by:
Mark Kennion
Commercial Director

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