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Homecare Monitoring

Care Visit Recording

CM2000’s award winning, CallConfirmLive! care management software records the details of over 2 million community care visits per week.

We have a range of mobile and landline electronic call monitoring solutions. Our solutions are available on a mix-and-match basis enabling you to evidence service delivery and record patient outcomes, these include:

  • AURA (Unanswered Landline)
  • Answered Landline
  • CodeConfirm!
  • Mobile Workforce Solution (MWS).

Our services enable you to:

  • log, analyse and report on care visits removing the need for paper time sheets
  • see at-a-glance how a care service is performing and become immediately aware of any potential failings
  • know the real-time whereabouts of your Care / Health Workers and take action should visits start to be delivered late, or should a visit be missed
  • protect Service Users and Lone Workers using real-time alerts
  • measure progress towards achieving outcomes
  • record tasks and make observations about the Service Users condition
  • communicate more effectively with your Care / Health Workers

Our Mobile Workforce Solution (MWS):

Offers enhanced communication features and includes a ‘bring your own device’ option. We also offer a hybrid, MWSLite!, combining the benefits of both landline and mobile technology. Our solution is proven to work in remote locations with poor signal strength (operating over 2G, 3G and 4G networks). 

Find out how our monitoring services can save you money and improve efficiency. Call us today on 0121 308 3010 or email 

"Before implementing CallConfirmLive! we had no real-time information on service delivery. We just had to hope everything was okay. Now I can't imagine running the service without this intelligence".

Inverclyde Health & Social Care Partnership

"CM2000's mobile solution provides enhanced communication with Home Carers, enabling rapid response, with rota changes being sent in real time."

Dumfries & Galloway Council