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With ONS reporting that 86% of households now have access to the internet there is a greater need for person-centred services to make a wide range of information easily accessible.

CM2000’s secure web portals advocate safe and easy information sharing.

Wellbeing Portal

Our Wellbeing Portal allows Service Users and their families to securely view care delivery information in real-time. This provides valuable reassurance about current visits, as well as historic and future care information. The portal can be used to gather customer satisfaction and outcomes feedback, improving the communication between those organising and those receiving care.

Quality Portal

The Quality Portal makes it easy for Councils to share quality information about their approved suppliers with individual budget holders and the wider public. Data from CallConfirmLive! is used to rate Providers on key quality indicators such as punctuality, duration, missed visits, and continuity of care. This allows for greater control and more informed decision making.

Care Worker Portal 

Care Workers can stay up-to-date with real-time, secure access to completed, current and upcoming schedule details on any web-enabled device. The Care Worker Portal also provides full historic information on visits delivered and payroll, reducing the need for calls between Care Workers and office staff.

Commissioner Portal

This innovative portal enables Social Care Commissioners to quickly and efficiently match new care package referrals with approved Providers who have the specialism and capacity to meet the requirement. The portal uses actual performance data from CallConfirmLive! to suggest the most appropriate Provider(s) for each care package.  

To arrange a demonstration of any of our portals call us on 0121 308 3010 or email